Wednesday, August 6, 2008


"What About Bob?"

That was the title of last night's episode of 'Eureka', and frankly? Who gives a rat's ass about that snake?

My excitement, from a Toobworld perspective, stems from the 3 Ms:

Mission to Mars - It was strongly suggested that space missions to Mars have already been taking place. This means a lot for the Toobworld timeline as well as for the integration of several sci-fi shows from the fifties to the seventies.

Museum - Just last week I suggested the possibility that there might be some sort of archive or museum in Eureka in which the remains of the Daleks could be found. And with Eva Thorne forcing it to close its doors, perhaps all of the exhibits might be sold off to someone like Henry Van Stratten ('Doctor Who' - "Dalek").

Moreau - As in "The Island Of Dr. Moreau". This was mentioned without any referential strings attached. They didn't necessarily have to be talking about the book or the movies. They could have been actually talking about the place and the man as if it had all really happened. (I'd love to see "The Island Of Dr. Moreau" brought into Toobworld; that way I can also bring in something from 'The Addams Family'!)

And then there's the sore point - that blipvert with Zane Donovan for Degree. It reminded me of the TV characters who used to shill for poducts in the past - Clark Kent, Oscar Madison, Felix Unger, Sheriff Andy Taylor and his family, the Monkees, etc. I could still find a use for that.....

Eureka - a great place to visit in Toobworld!

Toby O'B

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