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Twenty-seven planets were taken out of their place in space and time to complete the plans of Davros during this season of 'Doctor Who'.

Here's a run-down of the ones we know about:

Adipose 3
Callufrax Minor
Woman Wept
the Lost Moon of Poosh (my favorite of the names!)

Yes, even Clom.
Just about all of these had been mentioned or appeared in the history of 'Doctor Who' (not quite sure about Jahoo or Shalakatop). I found one site online that also mentions a planet called "Flane", but I can't find any other verification of this, and I don't remember hearing the name.

So just using that list above, that's only nine planets mentioned. We have no clue as to who the other planets were.

I suppose that as would be the case with all TV series production teams, RTD would only have been thinking within his own bailiwick; he would only use other planets to be found within past episodes of 'Doctor Who'.

And according to Wikipedia, that's quite a list!

There are some in that list, which, like Callufrax Minor, have interesting qualities that would make them intriguing choices for Davros' celestial engine. Or perhaps, like Clom, they trigger memories of old episodes with past Doctors.

My choices from this list might include:

Vulcan (definitely, if only for the 'Star Trek' theoretical link)

Asgard (again, for the theoretical link to 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys')


Metebelis 3




But of course, this site celebrates Toobworld, where all TV shows share the same universe. And that means we could call upon planets only found in other TV shows and set them adrift in the Medusa Cascade as part of Davros' master plan.

So here's a few I'd pick:

Minbar (can never get enough of the Minbari in 'Babylon 5' to my liking!)

Bolia (from 'Stargate SG-1', for the implied link to the Bolians of 'Star Trek')

Kobol (from the original 'Battlestar Galactica'; the remake has no place in Earth Prime-Time's dimension)

Ork (from 'Mork And Mindy')

Krypton out of its own past, only to be destroyed once returned to its point of origin. ('The Adventures of Superman')

Magrathea ('The Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy')

Quadris ('The Powers Of Matthew Star')

The Forest Moon of Endor (Yes, it was in 'Star Wars', but it was also the setting for the TV movie, "Ewoks: The Battle For Endor"!)

Melmac ('ALF')

The Royal Cemetary Planet ('Farscape')

Ceti Alpha VI (from "Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan" - perhaps its return to its original place in the Ceti Alpha solar system went wrong; this would be why it was destroyed and caused massive devestation on Ceti Alpha V, where Khan Noonian Singh and his followers had been banished.)

And unless I screwed up in my math, not unlikely, then that would be 27 planets.

I would have liked to have used Remulac, homeworld of the Coneheads on 'Saturday Night Live'. But that would have only been found in the Skitlandian dimension and the Tooniverse, as well as the movie universe. And I considered Marmason, home planet of 'Meego', but I have my limits.....

Leave your suggestions in the comments section for what other planets you think should have been in that cluster collected by Davros. Know of any from 'Red Dwarf'? Perhaps from 'Lost In Space' or 'Blake's 7'.... 'The Twilight Zone', anyone?

I'd love to get some feedback on this.....

Toby O'B

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