Friday, August 8, 2008


Within about one week's time, Todd Stashwick appeared in episodes of two different shows - as Gus's boss, Mr. Ogletree in "Ghosts" on 'Psych', and as the evil Mr. White in 'The Middleman' adventure classified as "The Flying Fish Zombification".

Stashwick is probably best known as Dale Malloy, the murderous head of the Travellers' clan on 'The Riches'. But I don't think that role comes into play here at all. However, I think these two roles can be linked to each other; that in fact, Mr. Ogletree and Mr. White are one and the same.

One thing that should be remembered, and which I pointed out in the look at Chris Gauthier's roles on 'Eureka' and 'Psych' ("Earlie Eureka"), this season's episodes of 'Psych' are all taking place earlier this year. And they will continue to do so as long as Cybill Shepherd is hanging around Santa Barbara as "Shawnie" Spencer's mom, Madeline. That's because she showed up on Henry Spencer's doorstep in the season finale back in February, and I don't think that five months have passed since she arrived.

So let's say during that span of time, Ogletree either loses his job at the pharmaceutical sales company or he leaves because of a new venture. What if that venture turned out the marketing of !!!!!, the "pep drink" made from venom of the Peruvian Flying Pike? He would have known that his plans were illegal, so he decided to operate under an alias (and an obvious one at that ): Mr. White. (He might be a fan of "Reservoir Dogs".)

The deciding factor will ultimately be whether or not the role of Ogletree ever shows up on 'Psych' again. Because then this whole theory could turn to bleep. Sooner or later, 'Psych' will do some sort of adjustment to their timeline so that the episodes are being broadcast around the same time as when they're supposed to be happening - with or without Madeline still hanging around town.

Toby O'B

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