Saturday, August 9, 2008


Just so's ya know....

There are no plans to do any sort of coverage of the Olympics here at Inner Toob, as I don't plan to watch one single minute of it. In my mind, the Olympics are now lumped in with the so-called reality shows... especially with the way they're packaged for NBC. So weird to go into work Friday night knowing that the opening ceremonies were being televised when a picture from the event was on the front page of the New York Times Friday morning!

But I will allow myself one escape clause - if one of the many dramas or sitcoms that are airing over the summer somehow ties into these specific games, then I will probably address that aspect. I'm thinking 'The Middleman' might be a good choice, but that's on ABC Family. This might be something more along the lines of NBC/Universal shows like 'Monk' or 'Psych'.

But it would have to be specific to the Chinese games. I don't know if it's the politics or the over-hype but I'm so tired of Olympic TV coverage.

Besides, I'm going on vacation for two weeks. I think I can find better ways to occupy my time!

(Don't worry, I'll keep my hand in at least once per day with a TWD news item each day.)

Toby O'B

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Mercurie said...

I rarely watch the summer Olympics. The sports just don't appeal to me outside of soccer, archery, and a few others (which never air in prime time). Besides which, there is the small matter of China's human rights record and their treatment of Tibet.