Thursday, August 7, 2008


In the town of 'Eureka' (which is probably in Oregon), Vincent is the manager and chef at Cafe Diem which has a walk-in refrigerator with TARDIS-like properties. (It's bigger on the inside.)

But Vincent didn't grow up in Eureka. He was brought there because of his scientific prowess with food, to live among the other geniuses. Originally, he's from Santa Barbara, California, where he went to high school with Shawn Spencer and Burton Guster of the 'Psych' Detective Agency.

In the episode "Murder?... Anyone....? Anyone....? Bueller...?", Vincent was seen hanging out in the hallway with the others who were still considered cast-offs by those former classmates who still thought they were cool. However, he's listed in the credits as "Earlie", which could either be Vincent's last name, or a nickname he was given in high school.

Vincent can afford to give away food at the Cafe Diem, even though Eva Thorne (new chairman at Global Dynamics) wants it stopped. That's because, while on a vacation in New York City, bales of money suddenly fell out of the sky and Vincent - screaming "MONEY!" quickly grabbed one for himself. (This was seen in a very funny blipvert for the New York Lottery. Hey, you never know.....)

Toby O'B

They should hire Dan Byrd of 'Aliens In America' to play Vincent's younger brother!

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