Friday, August 8, 2008


While de-zonking the "Bad To The Drone" episode of 'Eureka', I made these two comments:

"So Jack would have known about the "War Of The Worlds" battle back in the mid-1950s and probably even saw archival footage of their spacecraft. For alls I know, he may have even seen one of their pods on display in Eureka somewhere!"

"Even so, Zoe would have known of their existence and what they looked like. As with the "Martian" spaceships, she might have even seen a de-activated Cylon robot there in Eureka. Probably during a field trip to Global Dynamics."

As it turns out, Eureka does have a museum; or rather, they did. New GD chairman Eva Thorne ordered it shut down to save money. But it turns out she had an ulterior motive - she let herself in to find out the secrets of Eureka for herself, including that a nuclear explosion occurred outside the town limits back in 1938, nearly ten years before the first officially recognized explosions.

And based on how the mushroom cloud turned purple - even in a black and white film! - I'd have to guess it has something to do with that vial of liquid she had in the season premiere....

As I mentioned before, I wouldn't be surprised if Thorne sold off the assets of the Eureka museum to the highest bidder. And that Henry Van Statten would fill that role (as seen in the 'Doctor Who' episode "Dalek", set in 2012).

Toby O'B

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