Saturday, June 7, 2008


Today Hillary Clinton is expected to suspend her campaign (which means she holds on to her delegates for more clout at the convention). She'll be throwing her support to Barack Obama and promising to do what she can to get him elected as President.

This is the type of moment in real world history which should echo throughout Toobworld and all of its alternate dimensions. If 'Saturday Night Live' was still producing new shows, there'd be a sketch about it tonight. And that would have ended up in Skitlandia.

Those dimensions where it won't be happening are those with a different Commander-in-Chief, including the one where 'Commander-In-Chief' took place. The dimensions for '24', 'Prison Break', 'The West Wing', - all of them wouldn't have had Hillary Clinton in a position to get this close to the presidency herself. Characters based on her, perhaps, (as we'll see in '24'), but not the real deal.

Hillary will also be making her concession speech in the Tooniverse today. And I think that will look a little something like this......

[from 'Freakazoid' - thanks to Sean for the image]

Toby OB

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