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Actor and director Mel Ferrer passed away the other day at the age of 90. I may be projecting my own reactions on others, but I think when most people hear his name, the first thing they think of is that he was once married to Audrey Hepburn.

In Toobworld, Ferrer will be best remembered as Jerry Parks from the 'Columbo' episode "Requiem For a Falling Star". (Parks was a gossip columnist who appeared to be the intended murder victim.)

Again, I may be projecting my own feelings there. However, even though he was in nearly seventy episodes of 'Falcon Crest' as Phillip Erikson, I don't see that series getting the syndication saturation that 'Columbo' has received over the years. Those mysteries featuring the rumpled detective will be in reruns forever!

Here are a list of Mel Ferrer's Toobworld credits. Some of them may be found in alternate dimensions instead of in Earth Prime-Time.....

"Stories from My Childhood"
- Pinocchio and the Golden Key (1998) TV episode (voice) .... Geppetto

Catherine the Great (1995) (TV) .... Patriarch

"Christine Cromwell" - Doctor

- Only the Good Die Young (1990)
- In Vino Veritas (1990)
- Easy Come, Easy Go (1989)
- Things That Go Bump in the Night (1989)

"Wild Jack" (1989) TV mini-series

"Murder, She Wrote"
- Weave a Tangled Web (1989) TV episode .... Miles Austin
- Widow, Weep for Me (1985) TV episode .... Eric Brahm

"Dream West" (1986) TV mini-series .... Judge Elkins

Outrage! (1986) (TV) .... Judge Michael Lengel

"Peter the Great" (1986) TV mini-series .... Frederick

- Nightfall (1985) TV episode

- Celebrations (1985) TV episode .... Garrett Hardy
- Resolutions (1985) TV episode .... Anthony Palandrini

Seduced (1985) (TV) .... Arthur Orloff

"Finder of Lost Loves"
- Forgotten Melodies (1984) TV episode .... George Matthews

"Falcon Crest"- Phillip Erikson (68 episodes)

One Shoe Makes It Murder (1982) (TV) .... Carl Charnock

"Fantasy Island"
- The Case Against Mr. Roarke/Save Sherlock Holmes (1982) TV episode .... Moriarity/Lord Collingwood

"Behind the Screen" (1981) TV series .... Evan Hammer (unknown episodes, 1981-1982)

Fugitive Family (1980) (TV) .... Anthony Durano

The Memory of Eva Ryker (1980) (TV) .... Dr. Sanford

Top of the Hill (1980) (TV) .... Andreas Heggener

"Dallas" - Harrison Page
- Jenna's Return (1980)
- Love and Marriage (1979)

- Who Is the Missing Woman? (1979) TV episode

"Return of the Saint"
- Vicious Circle (1979) TV episode .... Dr. Paolo Brogli

The Return of Captain Nemo (1978) (TV) .... Dr. Robert Cook

"How the West Was Won" (1978) TV mini-series .... Hale Burton

"Black Beauty" (1978) TV mini-series .... Nicholas Skinner

Sharon: Portrait of a Mistress (1977) (TV) .... David

"Logan's Run"
- Man Out of Time (1977) TV episode .... Analog

"Wonder Woman"
- Anschluss '77 (1977) TV episode .... Fritz Gerlich

"Lanigan's Rabbi"
- In Hot Weather, the Crime Rate Soars (1977) TV episode

"The Fantastic Journey"
- Funhouse (1977) TV episode .... Appolonius

"Hawaii Five-O"
- To Kill a Mind (1977) TV episode
- The Bells Toll at Noon (1977) TV episode .... Father Neill

- Everybody Pays the Fare (1977) TV episode

"Alle origini della mafia" (1976) TV mini-series .... Armando Della Mora (episode "Legge, La")

"Ellery Queen"
- The Adventure of the Disappearing Dagger (1976) TV episode .... Brandon Childs

"Marcus Welby, M.D."
- Designs (1974) TV episode .... Carlo

"Police Story"
- The Wyatt Earp Syndrome (1974) TV episode .... Dr. Ross

- Suffer My Child (1973) TV episode .... John Rickman

Tenafly (1973) (TV) .... Charlie Rush

Carola (1973) (TV)

Columbo: Requiem for a Falling Star (1973) (TV) .... Jerry Parks

"Bob Hope Presents the Chrysler Theatre"
- The Fifth Passenger (1963) TV episode .... Peter Carrington

"Zane Grey Theater"
- The Ghost (1959) TV episode .... Marshal Monty Elstrode

"Producers' Showcase"
- Mayerling (1957) TV episode .... Crown Prince Rudolph
- Episode #3.6 (1957) TV episode
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