Sunday, June 1, 2008


It's a new month and that means a few regular features will be unspooling here at "Inner Toob".

First up is "Fanficcer's Friend", in which we supply a picture to inspire those who write fan fiction. And since it's June, my birthday month, I figured we'd use a picture that can be tied in to one of my top ten favorite shows.

As always, we don't use pictures from other TV shows in which actors who play well-known Toobworld citizens are seen together, but in different roles. Those are scenes that have already played out in the TV Universe and there are enough reruns in Toobworld as it is. Instead we use pictures from sources outside Toobworld - from movies or perhaps even from the news.

So this month I want to suggest a look at the life of a former Companion from 'Doctor Who', Perpigilliam "Peri" Brown, who traveled with the Doctor in his Fifth and Sixth Incarnations.

Since the series was revived in 2005, we've seen not only old villains return to action but also allies like the soldiers of UNIT, former Companions Sarah Jane Smith and K-9 and even the Fifth Doctor himself. As the series continues under new leadership with Stephen Moffet, who knows? Maybe we'll even see other characters return, like Ace, Nyssa, Tegan, maybe even Jamie and Zoe! If so, what have they been up to during that time when we couldn't see them?

With that in mind, here's a picture of the actress who played Peri, Nicola Bryant. She's seen here as an "escort" named Beverly in "Parting Shots' with Chris Rea, who played the lead character Harry Sterndale.
She was hired along with another girl, who was downstairs servicing Harry's friend John. The funny thing is that John was played by Peter Davison, who played the Fifth Doctor - if Nicola Bryant had only taken that secondary role, just think of the fan-wank that would result from such a scene! The Doctor and Peri going at it!

Then again, don't think 'pon it too much. You'll go blind.

So instead we have Beverly and Harry seen here in the movie universe. But if we transfer this scene into the TV Universe, then we could say that it's a picture of Peri during her life after traveling with the Doctor. She doesn't have to be seen as a call girl in this new aspect; it could be that she's just satisfying the needs she neglected while she was with a somewhat asexual being like the Gallifreyan Time Lord.

And that's another reason I ran this picture during my birthday month. A chance for some whoopie! Woohoo!

Toby OB


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed this film hasn't made the rounds more, given the Whovian fandom's obsession with Ms. Bryant's attributes. Did it die a quick death, or did I miss the furor over her playing such a character, especially with Peter Davison in the same film?


the Cur family said...

She was such a whimperer, though...

oh, Doctor, are you sure we should do this?

oh, Doctor, are you sure we should do that?

::with quivering voice::


I think she was put in there as a slight to Americans, LOL...

plus, man, what a useless wardrobe...

You're fighting Cybermen, Peri, not going to a ladies fitness center...

Toby said...

Hugh, this movie is deadly. I ordered it via Netflix based on the cast - besides Rea (a non-actor, and it shows!), Davison and Bryant, you also had John Cleese, Ben Kingsley, Bob Hoskins, Oliver Reed, Joanna Lumley, Gareth Hunt, Diana Rigg, and my loverly Felicity Kendal.

And despite them all, it was just dreadful.

I actually discovered it because of this picture, and was determined to stick it out to the end in case any other possible frame grabs came up for future use here at "Inner Toob".

So I don't recommend it if you want a movie that's enjoyable. For a chance to see these stars (and it is one of Reed's last films), then yeah, check it out.

Anonymous said...

How sad to hear this movie is dreadful, given the cast! Wow--Diana Rigg as well! Still, that picture has to be the delight of many fanboys--er, fanmen?--out there. I am personally surprised it hasn't been "borrowed" a few times for the more nefarious types out there.

So what is Nicola Bryant doing these days? She was in Blackadder's Christmas Carol, but her credits haven't really been prolific.

Sure, she was whiny, but so have been several companions. And her wardrobe was hardly useful, but, then again, neither was Tegan's stewardess outfit or Nyssa's fairy-princess dress. And given the amount of running companions do, maybe this was the right set of togs. Meanwhile, I think it kept the dads happy!