Monday, June 2, 2008


In the final moments of 'In Plain Sight', the new TV show about the Witness Protection business officially joined the TV Universe: with a good view of Playpen magazine. All TV shows are automatically granted entry into Toobworld; we're very inclusive. But once you get that official link, other crossover sites hopefully will roll out the welcome wagon as well.

Of course, such a gimme didn't come without a price. The main character, Mary Shannon of the US Marshals working for WitSec, not only brought the Playpen to a new witness in her charge, but she also Zonked big time by mentioning how 'Columbo' operated on TV. She went into a whole riff about how he'd let the suspect know that he was on to them by commenting on their shows - and she did it with a funny impression of Peter Falk's voice as Lt. Columbo.

Hopefully an easy splainin that the Lieutenant was famous, and would often appear on TV to discuss the cases he solved, might do the trick in covering up this mess.

I'm going to like having Mary and her fellow Marshals - as well as her boyfriend(s) and her dysfunctional family - around for a few weeks this summer. Even though she is based in Albuquerque, Mary's WitSec program (which has been around since 1970 in the real world and now in Toobworld as well) can be used to splain how certain characters with similar occupations and identical features but with different names can be the same person - without just saying it's because they're played by the same actor.

In the Old West we had Fabian Lavendor from an episode of 'The Wild, Wild West'. Now we have Mary Shannon facilitating the deal.

Other ways in which 'In Plain Sight' can cement its position in Toobworld:

  • Refrain from the mention of 70s TV shows!
  • Guest star turn by Jeff Fahey as Deputy Marshal Winston MacBride from 'The Marshal'. (However, a lot of time has passed since that series and it shows in Fahey. This can work to their advantage.)

  • Mention of the late Thomas Jefferson Alcala (Anthony Quinn, 'The Man And The City') as once being Mayor - if not of Albuquerque itself, then at least of some nearby metropolis. (His city was never named in the series.)

Welcome to Toobworld, "Mayr"!

Toby OB

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