Sunday, June 8, 2008


Armin Shimerman has been on 'Boston Legal' for a few years now in a recurring role as Judge Brian Cooper. He's even been at the center of at least one major storyline on the series.

In 2007, he also appeared in an episode of the soap opera 'The Young & The Restless' as Judge Graham Roberts, presiding over a trial in Genoa City, Wisconsin.

They have different surnames and they live in different parts of the country, but it'll be my contention that Judges Cooper and Roberts are twin brothers.

I have no clue as to who their mother might have been, so the field is wide open for contenders. She could have been a dwarf for all that I know. But in my theory, she became pregnant out of wedlock, from an affair with a married man. And rather than raise the children in shame, she gave them up for adoption.

As it turned out, nobody wanted to adopt them both to raise together. Instead, one baby was raised in Massachusetts by the Coopers, and the other was raised in Wisconsin by the Roberts family.

Every so often here in the Trueniverse, you hear about siblings raised apart from each other and yet their lives echo the other's. So the case would be here, with Brian and Graham both entering into Law and eventually sitting on the bench.

And that would be the end of it; it's a theory of relateeveety which I've raised in the past in similar situations (right down to the two participants becoming judges, even). But there's one final twist I want to propose......

I think their father was the late Douglas Brackman, Sr., former senior partner of the MacKenzie-Brackman-Cheney law firm in Los Angeles. He was often mentioned on 'L.A. Law' by his former partner, Leland MacKenzie, and by his son Douglas Brackman, Jr.

And as it turned out, Brackman couldn't keep it in his pants.

Throughout the run of the series, Doug Brackman kept running into half-siblings like Gordon Salt and Erroll Farrell. And at least one of them ended up being a judge as well.

So even though there's no proof to support this theory, there's not going to be much of a chance it'll be contradicted either.

Toby OB

"I'm more like my father than I thought.
I wanted to be the lawyer he was, the man he was.
Turns out we both just like to cheat on our wives
Douglas Brackman, Jr.
'L.A. Law'

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