Friday, June 13, 2008


For all of his work on 'Meet The Press', and appearances in news specials, sports programs, and talk shows, Tim Russert also made his presence known in Toobworld. He even had roots there, what with family situated in the TV Baltimore!

In March of 1995, Russert visited Charm City in order to see his cousin Megan who was about to become Captain of the precinct. Not many people from the Trueniverse can claim to have kin who are fictional - Vera from 'Alice', related to Art Carney, comes to mind.

He didn't receive credit for his appearance in the 'Homicide: Life On The Street' episode "The Old And The Dead", but that doesn't matter in Toobworld.

I'm listening to the repeat of Tom Brokaw breaking the news, and from here I can tell he's barely keeping it together vocally.

This was proving to be a great year for Russert, as it was for all TV journalists, with the way the run-up to the November campaign has turned out so far. And he had just come back from a family trip to Italy which was in celebration of his son's graduation from college. It's nice to know that they had that quality time together.

As usual, the best I can offer is a rerun from Red Skelton: "May God Bless....."

Toby OB

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