Thursday, June 12, 2008


Here's my latest batch of "The Numbers" from 'Lost', but found in other TV shows.
First off, Jimn responded to the last one by suggesting that Liz Lemon's apartment building in '30 Rock' could be considered one of "The Numbers". She lives at 160 Riverside Drive, so - just as 'Lost' would count the use of 16,000 miles off-course as a manifestation of the number, - yeah, I'll include this. ('30 Rock')
Skitlandia's version of 'Deal Or No Deal' still had three cases up on the stage. Numbers 8, 15, and.... 21? So close, but no DHARMA Initiative cigar! ('Saturday Night Live')

Thursday, May 22nd, marked the 16th anniversary of the last 'Tonight' show to be hosted by Johnny Carson.
Rosemary Boxer and Laura Thyme's jeep had the license plate "NHN 986 W". 9+8+6 = 23. ('Rosemary & Thyme')
The street number for the Clerkenwell in the "Achtung Baby" episode of 'Keen Eddie' is 42.
Giuseppe Casanetti's stateroom on the ocean liner was "4B". ('That Girl')
The 'Poirot' episode "The Disappearance of Mr. Davenheim" had several displays of "8" & "15". There was a police skiff dragging a lake that was numbered "8"; race car #15 spun out at the track in Brooklines; and car #8 pulled over behind Captain Hastings and Inspector Japp. Plus there was a racecar numbered "42" seen in the newsreel footage.While trying to determine "Who Killed The Fat Cat" (an episode of 'Burke's Law'), Sgt. Les Hart was poisoned with cyanide. It wasn't a lethal dose and with his stomach pumped, he was soon up and back on the case - against Captain Burke's wishes. But Les shrugged off any concerns - "What's a little cyanide after 23 years eating in our commissary?"

I mentioned the age of the soda crackers from "No Place Like Home" in the last collection, but totally forgot to bring up the most obvious use of "The Numbers" in that week's 'Lost' - found in Hurley's car! So Here's a screencap of it:

And from the last episode of the season, here's a time-travelling bunny, Number 15: BCnU!
Toby OB

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