Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I got two DVD collections today, but as one is a gift and that person might - just might check in here at Inner Toob, I figure I'll just let you know about one of the deliveries.....

'MY BOYS' - The Complete First Season
The new season begins this coming Thursday. It's not like I'll have the chance to work my way through these 22 episodes before then, but I'll probably check out the special features.

Included are:

  • Life in the Press Box
  • Sports Quiz
  • Favorites in Sports
  • PJ's Rules for Sports and Dating
  • No Crying In Baseball: Bloopers
  • Riding the Pine: Deleted Scenes
  • Minisodes:
    - "Silver Spoons": Me and Mr. T
    - "Diff'rent Strokes": Mr. T and Mr. I

Not sure what those last two are about and being a crossover fanatic, I find them the most intriguing.

A nice final b'day present to myself!

Toby OB

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