Saturday, June 28, 2008


It's been a while since I've done an "Echoes". It was while watching "George Carlin Again!", shown in tribute to the late comic on HBO2, that I got the idea for this one. In his stand-up act, Carlin talked about all the various phrases we have for the passage of Time - "In a sec", "sooner or later", "any time now", "just a minute", "when the cows come home", "in a while"......
"'Now' seems so soon."
Alix Garrett

"What's Time? Who can define it?"
Mona Roberts
'Burke's Law'

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow....
Who knows how much separates one from the other
Or if they can be separated
'Logan's Run'

Time! What is Time?
A corporeal measurement of Time and Space: a human boundary
'Murphy Brown'

"It's been well-documented that Time is not a fixed construct."
Dr. Gregory House

"Some things are deeper than Time and Distance."
Kevin Arnold
'The Wonder Years'

"Time can take forever."
Olive Snooks
'Pushing Daisies'

"Forever's a long time. I know that first hand."
Mark Volchek

"Eternity's an awful long time to go without a coon hunt."
Heider Simpson
'The Twilight Zone'

"Time is irrelevant in the Limbo state."
Dr. Dagle
'Shades of L.A.'

"He's locked himself in his room with his teddy bear!"
"He hasn't done that since he proved that Time was an illusion!"

Toby OB

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