Thursday, June 26, 2008


'Doctor Who' - "Silence In The Library"
Before she realized that the Doctor was from a time before she met him, Dr. River Song looked through her diary to get an idea as to "when" he was in their relationship. As cue to trigger his memory, she brought up several highlights they shared together, and one of these was their picnic at Asgard.

This is a reference that could work two ways. One would be to the classical version of Asgard as the home of the Norse gods, the Aesir. It would have been in its own dimension yet still on earth (perhaps a shift in dimensional harmonics or some such technobabble) and could only be accessed by Bifrost, the rainbow bridge.

Although established in the Elder Eddas, Asgard could only be a part of Toobworld once it was seen in some TV show or TV movie. And it was during an episode of 'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys' that we got to see Asgard ('Norse By Norsevest').
As the TARDIS can travel through Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, it would have been easy enough for the Doctor and River Song to reach the home of the gods, perhaps at some pivotal point in their legends.

But there's another possibility......

The Asgard is the name of an alien race, ancient, wise, and mentors to the human race, who have allied themselves with Earth via the Stargate team. They resemble the classic "Roswell Grey" type of alien, with the oversized heads, large dark eyes, and thin bodies with almost stick-like limbs.

Originally their home planet was Othala in the Halla System of the Ida Galaxy. But the Asgard abandoned it during the wars with the Replicators and instead settled on Orilla in the same galaxy (perhaps a different star system, however). From there, they triggered the collapse of Halla's star so that they would all die in the resultant apocalypse. (Their race was doomed and they didn't want anything left behind which could prove an advantage to their enemies.)
So their planets were Othala, Orilla, maybe Halla as well. But it could be that their home planet became identified with the name of their race as well, so that it was also called Asgard. And it could be on one of those homeworlds where River Song had her picnic with her Doctor.......

Me, I'm a sucker for pseudo-deities so I'm rooting for my first splainin!

Toby OB

Do you know any legends about your Gods,
you know, where they're supposed to live?
Oh, sure. In Asgard.
How would I get there?
Die in battle, d'uh!
'Hercules: The Legendary Journeys'

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