Saturday, June 28, 2008


I think this is the first time the components to one of my theories of "Relateeveety" were ever showcased on TV in the same week. In fact, parts one and two of the second half ended up serving as book-ends for the first half!

The American broadcasts of 'Doctor Who' on the Sci-Fi Channel just broadcast "Forest Of The Dead" last night; part one of that story, "Silence In The Library", aired last weekend. We were introduced to the members of Mr. Lux's expedition to the planet known as "The Library", among whom was an archaeologist nick-named "Other Dave" (since there was already "Proper Dave" in the team's roster).

It's my contention that about thirty centuries earlier, the beginnings of Other Dave's family tree began in Chicago, which we saw in "The Shirt Contest", this week's episode of 'My Boys'.

O.T. Fagbenle, who played "Other Dave" on 'Doctor Who', was Dez, the owner of a trendy bar where Brendan Dorff was applying for a job as a bartender. (He lost his gig as a radio deejay and couldn't find another.) As it turned out, Dez was now with Brendan's ex-girlfriend Wendy, and perhaps even now married to her. (Can't remember that particular detail - and I watched it twice!) If not married, Dez at least made a pretty good effort insuring he'd be with Wendy for awhile at any rate - she was about seven months pregnant with their child.

And it's the belief here at Toobworld Central that the child of Dez and Wendy will one day count "Other Dave" among his descendants.

I don't think any of us will be around to see if that turns out to be true.....

Toby OB

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