Wednesday, June 25, 2008


'Rescue Me' has returned, but not as the hour-long series; instead it's back in five minute "minisodes" which began airing last night on FX at 10 pm. (This will be the plan for the next ten weeks.)

I'm still of a mind not to return to the series when it finally comes back for its next season. I wasn't pleased with the way the Jerry storyline played out and I'm sick of the way women always throw themselves at Tommy. I think it's just Denis Leary's way to exalt himself, a real ego boost. And does every season have to end with someone in his family kicking the bucket?

I accept that Tommy is not meant to be "loved" by the audience, but there's nothing about the character that makes me want to watch him. For me, he's the weakest part of the show and its fatal flaw.

[Michael Scott of 'The Office' is the same way for me. Even though it airs on my nights off, I record the show and then fast forward through his segments as well as the commercials. Have you ever seen the edited version of the episode "The Bat" that takes out the subplot of Michael talking to Ryan's business class? It's so much funnier running as just the plotline about the bat loose in the office.]

Anyway, I figured last season's finale, with Charles Durning as the Gavin patriarch slipping into his eternal sleep at the ball game was a nice way to end my involvement with the series in general. It had that feel of a series finale as well.

In the meantime, I'll continue to watch these minisodes - hell, it's only five minutes out of my very limited viewing time once a week - at least until I get the feeling they're about to go off the rails as well. And that may happen, as Leary has said that they will get very dark before they're done.

The first one was quite funny though and provided a great showcase for Sean with Lou as his comic enabler. And very little of Tommy, which is a good thing for me.

If you missed the first minisode, or want to see it again, check out the Crackle website.

Toby OB

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