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Thanks to his many specials on HBO, hosting the very first 'Saturday Night Live', and plenty of appearances doing his routines on variety programs and late night talk shows, George Carlin will always be best remembered as himself in the TV Universe. But he also contributed a number of fictional "tele-folks" to inhabit Toobworld as well.

Although the show ran for only twelve episodes in the late 1990s, I think George O'Grady of 'The George Carlin Show' will be the character best remembered of these roles. O'Grady was the working stiff version of Carlin, but instead of expounding on his ideas in front of large studio audiences, George O'Grady was limited to those passengers trapped in his cab and the other patrons at his favorite watering hole as his audience.

Before George O'Grady hacked his way into the scene, it would probably be Mr. Conductor of 'Shining Time Station' who would be his best known appearance in the Tele-Folks Directory. Mr. Conductor was a miniaturized human who worked at the train station and helped the local kids (and the other adults who worked there) to learn important life lessons.
And then there was George Lester, one of many agents representing Ann at the Gilliam & Norris Theatrical Agency. He wasn't on the show for more than a few episodes at most; the series centered almost entirely on Ann Marie and her boyfriend Donald, so most people today probably don't even remember Carlin as a recurring cast member.

Some might argue that time traveler Rufus would be Carlin's best known character, and that would be true - over in the movie universe. Although Toobworld had its own version of "Bill And Ted's Excellent Adventure", Carlin only reprised the character in the Tooniverse. For Toobworld, Rick Overton played Rufus.
Here is the full list of characters in Toobworld who were embodied by George Carlin:

"The Simpsons" .... Munchie
- D'oh-in' in the Wind (1998)

"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures" (1990) TV series .... Rufus

"Streets of Laredo" (1995) TV mini-series .... Billy Williams

"The George Carlin Show" .... George O'Grady

"Shining Time Station" .... Mr. Conductor

"Welcome Back, Kotter" .... Wally 'The Wow' Wechsel
- Radio Free Freddie (1977)

"That Girl" .... George Lester

Working Tra$h (1990) (TV) .... Ralph

Justin Case (1988) (TV) .... Justin Case

Repeating that Red Skelton refrain:
"May God Bless......"

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