Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Please don't read that heading too fast....!

NBC will jump on the George Carlin Tribute Express this coming weekend when the 11:30 pm timeslot on Saturday night will be given over to the very first episode of 'Saturday Night Live' shown in its entirety. As I mentioned two days ago, Carlin was the first host for the show which probably bears very little likeness to what it's like today. (Or, for that matter, what it would eventually be like a few months down the line from its premiere.)

Let's not kid ourselves. NBC hopes to make some bucks off of this move. The show is in repeats now, so the curiosity factor should be high. Which could mean more dollar revenue from the advertisers. (Not exactly sure if that can still be negotiated at this late stage in the game.)

But even so, it gives us even more Carlin on TV to enjoy this week. It all begins tonight with some of his HBO specials being rerun on HBO2, beginning with "George Carlin At USC" at 8 pm ET. (Is it EDT now? If so, don't spray it on your crops!)

This will be followed by:

"George Carlin Again" at 9:30 p.m. ET
"Carlin at Carnegie" 11 p.m. ET
"Carlin on Campus" midnight ET
"Playin’ with Your Head" 1 a.m. ET

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