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"Silence In The Library" and "Forest Of The Dead" made up a two-part story on 'Doctor Who' recently, in which an entire planet was turned into a library, with the planet core replaced by the largest data storage computer in the universe. Known simply as "The Library", the planet offered newly printed copies of every book ever written. And this would include not only the books that also exist in our world, but also those books one can only find within episodes of TV shows.

And of course, those are the ones of interest here at Toobworld Central!

I can't speak for the other worlds in the TV Universe, but those authors to be found from Toobworld would include the following:

First up, we have quite a few mystery and thriller writers:

Ben Coleman - 'Duet'
Jessica Fletcher - 'Murder, She Wrote'
Glynis Granville - 'Glynis'
Ian Stark - 'Stark Raving Mad'
Bram Shepherd - 'Bram & Alice'
Doug Kirkfield - 'The Boys'
Patrick Glover - 'Father, Dear Father'
Jason King - 'Jason King'
Robin Masters - 'Magnum P.I.'
Maxwell Beckett - 'Over My Dead Body'
Paul Temple - 'Paul Temple'
Nicholas Fleming - 'Sable'
Ernesta and Gwendolyn Snoop - 'The Snoop Sisters'
Daniel Stone - 'Stone'
Dorothy McNab - 'Two's Company'
Rupert Wilde - 'The Wilde Alliance'
Abigail Mitchell - 'Columbo' ("Try And Catch Me")
Franklin & Ferris - 'Columbo' ("Murder By The Book")
Allen Mallory - 'Columbo' ("Publish Or Perish")
Ariadne Oliver - 'Poirot' ("Cards On The Table")
Clarissa Naughton - 'Poirot' ("The Mystery of Hunter's Lodge")
Jose Chung - 'The X-Files' & 'Millennium'
Terrance Sterling - 'Stark Raving Mad'
And there would be the romance writers:
Salome Otterbourne - 'Poirot' ("Death On The Nile")
Crystal Love aka Charlie Wayne - 'Oh, Madeline'
Definitely all of the self-help books would be there, except for those by Dick Loudon. Any books mentioned in the TV series 'Newhart' - including "Murder At The Stratleigh", in which you could hear a pig drop - were all part of a fever dream suffered by Dr. Bob Hartley after eating Japanese food just before bedtime.

A few authors of children's stories:
Professor Huggles - 'Stark Raving Mad'
Margot Foster - 'Double Trouble'
Nancy Krieger Weston - 'thirtysomething'

And among the millions of others:
Rob Petrie - 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' (to be found in the biography section)
Harper Worthington Yates - 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' (a collection of his plays, including "Baby Fat")
Henry Walden - 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' (in the history section)
Maurice James Kingsley - 'Blackeyes'
Clara Burrell - 'No, Honestly'
Max Harlow - 'Normal Life'
Roger Thomas - 'What's Happening Now!'
Cameron Garrett Brooks - 'Window on Main Street'

My thanks to the website "TV Acres" (link to the left) for help in this research.

Toby OB

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