Friday, July 4, 2008


Larry Harmon, the man who owned the rights to Bozo the Clown and made a fortune with the franchise, has died at the age of 83.

I don't think we could say that Bozo died as well. I think he'll be one of those characters who will live forever in Toobworld.

In fact, since there were so many different Bozos across the country, perhaps it's an early example of cloning? So maybe there'll be more Bozos in the future.....

But Mr. Harmon did play other roles in Toobworld, and here is a list of them....

"Matt Houston" .... Richard Hunter aka Stan Laurel

- Here's Another Fine Mess (1983)

"Letter to Loretta" .... Voices (1 episode, 1954)
- On Your Honor, Your Honor (1954) TV episode .... Voices


"The New Scooby-Doo Movies"
- The Secret of Shark Island (1972) TV episode
- The Ghastly Ghost Town (1972) TV episode (voice)

"A Laurel and Hardy Cartoon" (1966) TV series .... Stan Laurel

"Aventures de Tintin d'après Hergé, Les" (1962) TV series .... Announcer (English Version)
Geval Zonnebloem, Het (1959) (TV) (voice: English version) .... Announcer
Geheimzinnige ster, De (1959) (TV) (voice: English version) .... Announcer

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Ivan G. Shreve, Jr. said...

Though I was always flummoxed by the fact that Matt Houston managed to stick around on ABC for three seasons, I do remember watching Here's Another Fine Mess, an offbeat venture featuring a pair of Laurel & Hardy look-alikes who made a living as hit men. Harmon took the Laurel role, and the legendary Chuck McCann provided support as the Oliver Norvell Hardy clone.