Sunday, June 29, 2008


My one regret about that two-part 'Doctor Who' story by Stephen Moffat which was set on the planet Library, was that it took place in the 51st Century and stemmed from an incident which occurred in the TV Universe during the 50th Century.

Had it been set during the 23rd Century, we could make the assumption that Samuel Cogley, a civilian lawyer who loved books, might have been one of the 4022 visitors to The Library who had been saved into the computer data storage banks one hundred years earlier. (Sam Cogley is pictured here with his client, Captain James T. Kirk in the "Court Martial" episode of 'Star Trek'.)

But all of the books he owned - from the Hebrew Bible to the Tribunal Statutes of Alpha III in its original language - would have been found in The Library........

Toby OB

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