Thursday, July 3, 2008


No matter how many shows it might contain, every alternate dimension of the TV Universe is as vast as the original dimension, Earth Prime-Time. It just may seem not quite so expansive with so few shows in it.

I've been toying with the idea that there's an alternate TV dimension out there which could be the smallest of all. It doesn't contain actual TV shows per se, although it would be implied. Instead, it's made up of the promotional blipverts that advertise upcoming TV series.

Most of the occupants for this dimension, - which I've dubbed Earth Prime-Time Promo, or the Promoverse - are the characters from such USA Network shows as 'Monk', 'Psych', 'The Dead Zone', and 'The 4400'. Because of events that may have happened during their runs (like having a different President and Vice President than those established in the real world and Toobworld), some of those USA Network shows can't be housed in the main Toobworld while others can. So when their characters interact with those from TV shows that still exist in Earth Prime-Time, then we're viewing the alternate dimension of the Promoverse where both can exist.

I've got a new candidate for inclusion in the Promoverse, which doesn't involve the USA Network. Not directly anyway. See, USA Network is a division of NBC, and the TV show involved in this promo blipvert is an NBC program. But it crosses over with a movie, not another TV show, and that movie is being released by Universal... which also produces the TV show.

Basically, the promo could be called "Chuck vs. Hellboy II". In it, Chuck Bartowski, the guy whose brain contains all of the information from the super-computer Intersec, is playing video games with Hellboy, the demon who also works for the government.

Hellboy has a new movie coming out, "Hellboy II: The Golden Army", and Chuck's sophomore season begins in the Fall. This was a great way for Universal Studios to advertise both.

But neither - so far - technically exists in the other's dimension. Chuck is part of the TV Universe, while Hellboy is in the movie world. (Author Craig Shaw Gardner has dubbed this world the Cineverse.) Therefore, they may as well take up residence in the Promoverse.

And if either one of them crosses over into some other show in the Promoverse just to engage in fornication, that would make them Promosexuals.

Sorry. Couldn't resist.

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"Chuck vs. Hellboy II".

Toby OB

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