Tuesday, March 18, 2008


In league with Virgin Comics, the Sci Fi Channel is going to make a TV series called 'The Stranded'. It's about a group of regular folks who find out that they're really aliens who have extraordinary abilities.

It sounds like 'Heroes' but with a "credible" splainin for their powers.

The project was announced back in July of last year at Comic-Con, but it was only this Monday when the TV series aspect was confirmed.

According to a story in Variety back on July 23, 2007, "'The Stranded' will tell the story of five ordinary people living on Earth who, it turns out, are actually from a world called Standfire. Their past has returned -- not to haunt them, but to kill them."

Unless 'Torchwood' returns to the subject of their episode 'Sleeper', which was about alien sleeper agents on Earth, perhaps we can make a theoretical link between the two shows here at Toobworld Central.......

Toby OB

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