Sunday, March 16, 2008


It's always been suggested that there might have been a romance between Perry Mason and his secretary Della Street - at least in the TV series. When the two characters returned in the first of their many TV movies, there was a strong hint that they once had something together, but somehow drifted apart.

Well, thanks to
Big Dave's Perry Mason TV site (Visit it!), we may have found some proof that they were an item... and even sleeping together!

In the episode "The Case Of The Cheating Chancellor", the judge adjourned the court until the next day at 10 am. When court resumed that following day, there's Della wearing the exact same outfit as she wore the day before.
Of course, this could also mean that Della was sleeping with just about anybody - Paul Drake, perhaps, or even the defendant. But as this classic show was one of the original unrequited "shipper" series, I'm staking it all on Della staying the night with the boss.....
Toby OB

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