Friday, March 21, 2008


"Meet Kevin Johnson".

No, not really. That's the title of last night's episode of 'Lost'.

In the eight episodes of this half of the fourth season, a lot of people have said that they noticed that "The Numbers" have been missing from the show.

I think the producers are just not making it too obvious anymore, that's all. Sometimes "The Numbers" are backwards - like Miles' demand that Ben pay him 3.2 million dollars.

Or one of them is hidden in other numbers. The combination to Ben's safe was 36-15-28; the middle number was "15", part of the sequence. (The entire combination was a clue in the online game of "Find 815", according to Lostpedia.)

There was at least one such example of numerical play in last night's episode.....

Just before Michael crashed his car into that dumpster(?), he tuned in the radio to a Mama Cass song. When he adjusted the volume, it was on seventeen. And the channel was listed as one.
But if you look at that picture quickly, it looks as though the digital read-out is "17 - 1", which would be "16", another one of the numbers.....

Toby OB

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