Friday, March 21, 2008


Here in the Real World, "Xerographic office photocopying was introduced by Xerox in the 1960s, and over the following 20 years it gradually replaced copies made by Verifax, Photostat, carbon paper, mimeograph machines, and other duplicating machines." [from Wikipedia, of course!]

But as far as Toobworld is concerned, the first copiers were introduced in the mid-1800s, probably in England. They were huge ungainly machines, the type that would be appreciated by the likes of George Stephenson and Michael Faraday.
This was verified by a recent TV commercial for Altoids, in which an 1800s serving girl finds out that the copier was broken yet again. However, the taste of an Altoid mint was a slap to her cerebellum, and she realized that the copier was probably only jammed.

Sure enough, it turned out that a goat had found its way into the copier and was eating all of the paper. Thus, the wench was spared Lord Whippington's punishment with the thumbscrews.

Just to keep things tidy in this corner of Toobworld, I'm going to suggest that the village seen in our historical Tiddlywinkydink was that of Killingworth. Killingworth served as the site of an 1822 meeting between the foremost scientists of the day, including the aforementioned Stephenson and Faraday (as seen in the 'Doctor Who' episode "The Mark Of The Rani".)
It was probably a rebellious Luddite who put the goat in the copier in the first place, in order to disrupt that meeting!

Toby OB


MediumRob said...

More likely than Faraday or Stephenson is Scottish inventor Alexander Bain, who invented the fax machine in 1843.

Toby said...

It's just a shame Bain isn't represented in the TV Universe (so far as I can tell, that is.)

Not sure if the style of clothing in the Altoids ad could support setting the blipvert in 1843, but otherwise, why not?

Thanks, Rob!

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