Thursday, March 20, 2008


"You have to understand....
I'm from Iowa.
I'm not as free-thinking and adventurous as you are
'Dante's Cove'

My friend Michael, half of Team Markhael, told me I had to check out a show from the here! channel called 'Dante's Cove'. It's a gay, Gothic soap opera that takes that 'Dark Shadows' zeitgeist into the 21st Century with a very liberated sensuality (if not good acting. Oh well, can't have everything!) The backstory - about the use of a type of witchcraft known as Tresum in a Florida Keys-styled tropical resort - is what is most important for Toobworld. So even though the acting and the writing kind of bite, I'll stick with it through this series of disks.

It is nice, though, to see that the character named "Toby" is the best looking of the bunch. Usually we're relegated to being the comic relief! (Or as kids, as pets, or as escaped slaves.....)

With the second season, episode one, the show introduced Michelle, the girlfriend of the artist Van (short for Vanessa). Take a look at this picture of them both....
Doesn't Michelle (on the left) look like she could be related to Kate Austen of 'Lost'?

I'm not saying they could be sisters - even though Michelle does have a sister back in Iowa, we know that Kate doesn't. (Or at least it's never come up in the series so far. And after blowing up her house, killing her step-father, dealing with her ailing, vengeful mother, and having her life dragged out in court, one would think any siblings would be mentioned by now.)
But hey! Michelle could be Kate's cousin, from Iowa just like Kate. Definitely not an identical cousin, like Patty and Cathy Lane of 'The Patty Duke Show', but near as*.

Just another Theory of Relateeveety in Toobworld....

Toby OB

*Looking at the cast list for 'Dante's Cove', I guess the character of Michelle will become a Recastaway. Erin Cummings (pictured above) is only in five episodes of the series and then Jill Bennett takes over the role.

Seems pretty O'Bvious to me - her appearance will be transformed by the use of Tresum magic. (Unless of course an actual splainin is brought up within the show.)

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