Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Over the last few years, I've made suggestions as to who should be cast as the Doctor should the time come when David Tennant steps down as the Tenth Incarnation. I've thrown out the names of Bill Nighy (a popular choice), Richard Griffiths (once considerd for the role), Paul Gross from Canada, Philip Glenister (just so long as he could play it like Gene Hunt in 'Life On Mars'!), Roger Rees (my favorite), James McAvoy, and even a few off-the-wall options like Matt Lucas and Nick Frost.

I have another suggestion to add to those being bounced around now (like Rhys Ifans and James Nesbitt, who both seem to be the rumoured leading contenders):

Jonathan Aris

I saw Jonathan Aris in 'The Amazing Mrs. Pritchard' as Sir Richard Leavis, the private secretary for the Prime Minister. I think he could capture the not only the action-adventure aspect that is more prevalent in the new series, but also suggest that his Doctor may look somewhat human, but is still an alien from Gallifrey.

Just sayin' is all......

This will be my last Who-post for the day, launching the first annual "Who's On First" entries.

Toby OB

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