Friday, January 4, 2008


Shaun Williamson played himself in 'Extras', but he was known by everyone as his most famous character, "Barry From 'EastEnders'". He was a hanger-on at the office of Darren Lamb, his agent, hoping for another big role. But even Darren only saw him as Barry from 'EastEnders'.

So now Williamson is talking up the idea that Ricky Gervais may be toying with the idea of a spin-off in which Darren and "Barry" are now the main characters. (Darren was played by Stephen Merchant who co-created the show with Gervais.)

Darren Lamb & "Barry From EastEnders"
Apparently Williamson told Heart FM: “We talked half-jokingly about a show with the pair in a camper van, solving crimes.”

I'm going out on a limb here and say that was a joke. In fact, it sounds like the kind of series that Andy Millman might cook up in 'Extras'. But I'll bet Williamson wouldn't hesitate for the chance to continue playing his "role". However, I think that notion that Gervais is thinking about doing it probably stems from Williamson chatting him up to do it.

This will probably all turn out to be wishful thinking on Williamson's part, in much the same way it happened with Phil Morris claiming that Jerry Seinfeld might create a spin-off for his recurring character of Jackie Chiles.

But if Darren and "Barry" continue? I'd watch.

Toby OB

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