Tuesday, January 1, 2008


God Save The Queen!

Because it will be in the best interests of Toobworld Central.....

Near the end of the "Voyage Of The Damned" Christmas special for 'Doctor Who', Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is seen outside Buckingham Palace waving her thanks to the Doctor for preventing the destruction of Earth with the space cruiser Titanic.

Based on facts pointed out in the episode, as well as in various sites around the web, "Voyage Of The Damned" takes place during the Christmas season of this year, 2008.

We saw it practically a full year before it actually "happens" in the TV Universe.

I don't have Her Majesty in my Dead Pool picks for this year (although I do have Prince Philip), so I don't wish her ill. But should she, Heavens forfend!, pass away before Christmas of this year, that's going to throw a major sonic spanner into the works as to 'Doctor Who's place in Toobworld. We might just have to call on the resources of either 'Journeyman', 'Quantum Leap', or 'Time Tunnel' to leap into the fray and remake the time line so that we saw her alive in 'Doctor Who' but now a new chronology exists in which she doesn't survive to that point.

It's not so much that I'm worried about whether or not news broadcasts should be included into the tele-mosaic. It's just that I'm sure if the Queen did pass away, other shows would have their fictional characters commenting on it. (At least over in the UK; who knows when the American writers' strike will be settled?)

Toby OB

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