Tuesday, January 1, 2008


The company that built the Heavenly Hosts, who acted as "information kiosks" on board the Titanic in the 'Doctor Who' Christmas Special "Voyage Of The Damned", may have also built the "Robots Of Death" seen over eight centuries later by the Fourth Doctor. (For alls I know, the Sirius Cybernetic Company may be responsible in both cases.)

That idea reminded me of the Absorbaloff from the episode "Love & Monsters". Going by the name of Victor Kennedy in his human form, the Absorbaloff may have been using skin-suit technology like the Slitheen family did in "Aliens Of London"/"World War Three", "Boom Town", and the "Revenge Of The Slitheen" episode of 'The Sarah Jane Adventures'. Since his planet of Klom was the twin planet of Raxacallicofallapatorius (even though their native races were radically different), he probably picked it up on their world to use when he landed on Earth.


Toby OB

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