Friday, January 4, 2008


Kathy Reichs wrote the series of books featuring Dr. Temperance Brennan, which were the basis for the TV series 'Bones'.

On the TV series 'Bones', Dr. Temperance Brennan has written a series of novels in which her heroine is Kathy Reichs.


MediumRob said...

Ooh, that's probably the smartest thing I've ever heard of Bones doing.

Incidentally, do you do books in Toobworld? Only it was quite interesting to note that the latest Jasper Fforde/Thursday Next book (Fforde has created a kind of fictional, bookworld version of Toobworld in which all sorts of old literary characters (eg Sherlock Holmes, Jane Eyre, etc) mill around with each other in the bookworld and the 'real' world) features Dr Temperance Brennan (by kind permission of Kathy Reichs).

Toby said...

I've always been tempted to expand Toobworld into at least the tie-in novels for such shows as 'Star Trek', 'Doctor Who', and the like. But they create far too many discrepancies to deal with. Better to just say that characters we know and love in the TV universe also exist in the literary universe.

(Never could figure out a catchy name for the literary universe. Toobworld/TV Land, the Tooniverse, and the Cineverse from the books by Craig Shaw Gardner work, but what would be the perfect name for a universe centering around books?)

I was sorry to make the distinction as there was one 'Star Trek' novel that really rocked for the TV universe. "Ishmael" by Barbara Hambly had Spock in the world of 'Here Come The Brides' and featured un-named TV characters from other Westerns, like Maverick and Paladin.