Saturday, January 5, 2008


In "Fossil", the final episode of 'Odyssey 5', the team stole a moon rock from NASA tagged "ALH3B", only to find out that it wasn't a moon rock at all, but Martian in origin. And it turned out to contain at least one Martian Sentient.

The rock was collected during the Apollo 12 moonwalk of November 20th, 1969, by Commander Charles Conrad and LMP Alan Bean (which lasted three hours and forty-eight minutes).

I wouldn't be surprised if Bean was blamed for its retrieval to wreak havoc on Earth - he pointed the TV camera at the Sun which burned out the camera. (If 'Dark Skies' had dealt with that issue, then it might have been alleged that Bean was under the influence of the Hive; that he burned out the camera so that there would be no record of his activities on the Moon......)

Toby OB

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