Thursday, November 8, 2007


"The Deal" premieres on HBO here in America, although it already aired in the UK - and within the Toobworld timeline, it took place over a decade ago.

"The Deal" tells how Tony Blair caught Gordon Brown off-guard with his announcement that he would not only stand for the leadership position in Parliament, but also to win it. Bleeped off as he was by this, Brown still knew that Blair was right Then Blair offered up a deal with Brown in order to smooth his path: Brown would step aside from the goal... and in return he would have total freedom in setting the country's economic policy.

But Brown had his own proviso: Blair would have to step down after just one term so that Brown could take over. If this is so, the UK has as big a blockhead now in charge as we do in the USA. How could he have thought Blair wouldn't go back on his word?

It took 13 years, but Brown is finally the Prime Minister, and as his "reward", he may get the chance to do his own voice on an episode of 'The Simpsons' as his predecessor did.

Back in the main Toobworld, this also proves that 'Doctor Who' must be taking place in an alternate dimension than Earth Prime-Time. In their world, Blair was murdered by the Clan Slitheen in 2006, eventually replaced by Harriet Jones who was succeeded by Harold Saxon. The coda at the end of "The Deal" clearly marks out that the televersion of Tony Blair served the same length of time as his real world counterpart.

"The Deal" is also similar to the movies "The King And I", "Madigan" and "M*A*S*H" and others in which a character from a movie is played by the same actor in a followup TV series. Only this time, "The Deal" is much more like the "Batman" movie and the currently filming "Sex And The City" film in that the TV version came first. After "The Deal" was filmed, actor Michael Sheen once again portrayed Tony Blair in "The Queen" (which also had the same screenwriter).

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