Thursday, November 8, 2007


"Captain Sligo" was a seafarer who decided to settle down near Dodge City as seen on 'Gunsmoke'. He carried on a quick and contentious courtship with his next-door neighbor, the widow Josephine Burney, and told her that he expected her to bear him ten sons. Obviously the episode ended long before we saw how

It's my opinion that they had at least one son - or perhaps a daughter. And that child had a daughter who would grow up to become the mother of Harriman Nelson. (According to Daffron and Delaney, her name was Elizabeth Bridget.)

Harriman Nelson took to the seas, as did his great-grandfather Aron before him. After rising to the rank of Admiral in the US Navy, Nelson founded his own science center, the Nelson Institute of Marine Research.

This theory of relateeveety can't be proven, that's why it's a theory. And that's what I love about it the most!

Toby OB

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