Monday, November 5, 2007


Just so's you know....

I'm making a judgement call on this for Toobworld:

Whatever a character's name is stated to be within the actual show, then that's the character's name. If the name is mis-spelled, or presented as something different in the credits, that should have no effect on the TV Universe.

I've seen this happen often, especially in old TV shows, but it still crops up. There was an example in Sunday night's episode of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' - "The Therapist" working with Cheryl David was Dr. Slavin. But in the credits Winnie Holtzman was listed as "Dr. Salvin.

Doesn't matter. In the TV Universe she's Dr. Slavin because that's how she was addressed and referred to by Cheryl David and the cop investigating the mugging incident.

Just thought I'd mention that.....

Toby OP

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