Saturday, November 10, 2007


The following post is brought to you by my Little Buddy Sean, father of my god-daughter and currently warping impressionable minds in Taiwan as an English teacher........

"OK, you listen to me, Redzo!
You either get on board, or your gonna wake up on that Island
With Phil Donahue and the electric car, you understand me?"
Jack Donaghy
'30 Rock'

I would propose that by 2007, the year this episode of '30 Rock' is set in, The Village has changed hands from whomever owned it back when number 6 was there to a huge multi-national conglomeration of corporations. (According to the flow chart in the episode "The Rural Juror", NBC is owned by a wig company...., it's all connected, and in that same mindset, is there ever really a number 1?).

True, the Village is only confirmed as an island in the Tooniverse ('The Simpsons'), but still... what else could he be referencing?

Donaghy is well enough connected to know about it, but far enough off his rocker to mention it so casually. Still, I have no doubt that Greenzo woke up the next morning as a number, not a free man.

Sean "Shoe Hand"

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