Saturday, November 10, 2007


Thursday's big crossover between 'CSI' and 'Without A Trace' was a little too "business as usual"; nothing about it really was excitng enough to merit the special treatment. Still, not all Sweeps events need to be larger than life extravaganzas.

And whether they meant to or not, they tossed in a very small third crossover that ignored network borders and linked to a show on a rival network.

At one point during the first hour ('CSI'), a phone call was placed to the Tangiers Hotel in order to get information on their suspect. The Tangiers Hotel has also been featured as a rival to the Montecito on 'Las Vegas' over the last few years. And the name goes back to the movie "Casino", so these other mentions are probably tips of the hats to the Scorcese flick.

But within the context of Toobworld, it now exists in the TV Universe and links 'CSI' and 'Without A Trace' to 'Las Vegas'.

Toby OB

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Brent McKee said...

Just to give some information about the Tangiers in the CSI part of the Tooniverse, it is one of the casino's owned by Catherine Willow's late father Sam Braun. He might even have bought it from the mobsters who hired handicapper "Ace" Rothstein (movie reference: "Casino")