Thursday, November 8, 2007


'Second Life', described in 'CSI: NY' as "a metaverse, an online social network inside a virtual world" probably could spawn its own parallel universe to Toobworld. (Not that I plan on covering it regularly as I do with the Tooniverse.)

If so, what bizarre permutations might we expect, should citizens from Toobworld find themselves living in 'Second Life'?
Just wonderin', is all......

Toby OB
[Ducking and covering]

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Anonymous said...

Well, that Star Trek Meta-Tube-verse already links to the office in which Dwight has his own avatar in Second Life, and has created a Second Second Life for himself.

Kirk just got bored with green women is all... Orion slaves were just the gateway drug.

He'll be in a sexual addiction group soon...

"I... just.. can't help.. myself,Ijustwantto... kiss everythingIsee. ButIfeelso... empty...inside. Oh....god.... KhaNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!"