Thursday, November 29, 2007


The televersion of tennis ace Maria Sharapova has a pet dog (looks to be mostly a dust-mop) that must be a reincarnated human. For the dog is sentient, although we haven't seen evidence it can actually speak yet. But it does articulate its thoughts in a very Latino accent.

Both of them appear in a new Canon Powershot blipvert, as Maria incessantly takes the little pup's picture - despite his "protests".

Since he doesn't talk to her, it would appear that the dog (It sounds like his name is "Dolce". "Dulce"?) has not taken her into his confidence that he used to be human. In fact, he refers to her as "Maria Sharapova", which denotes something of a lack of intimacy between the two of them. He even seems slightly resentful that she owns him.

I would infer that this means that they were not acquainted in a past life, when "Dulce" was alive as a human - which is usually the case with reincarnated dogs. In fact, he has a Latino accent, possibly from Spain(?), while Sharapova is originally from Russia.

As for his previous incarnation, I'm going to go with Zapato Dulce, a character from an episode in the second season of 'Psych'.


Zapato Dulce had been one of the three judges on the TV show 'American Duos', and he turned out to be the guilty party behind the crimes connected to the show. Now this theory can all change should the character somehow ever come back on 'Psych'. (Hey, it's happened before in crime shows! 'Matlock' would use it as a device to show clips as they tried to figure out who was trying to kill the lawyer.) But I'm thinking that Dulce may have died in prison shortly after being arrested, and his spirit has returned to be Sharapova's bitch-toy.

Not exactly a punishment for his crimes.....

Whoever he was as a human, it's more than likely Dulce was just as vain then as he is now - by the end of the blipvert, he's back inside Sharapova's TV home, where he can admire his wall of portraits all day long......

Toby OB

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I think your theories are wacked, but when I look at the stupid glazed expression on that guy's face, I can totally see him getting reincarnated as that little yapper!