Thursday, November 29, 2007


The Associated Press

Broadway stagehands and theater producers reached a tentative agreement Wednesday night to end a strike and almost immediately return to the stage most of the two dozen plays and musicals that have been shut down for more than two weeks.

The settlement came after two days of marathon, all-night sessions and months of negotiation between Local 1 and the League of American Theatres and Producers. The walkout, which began Nov. 10, has cost the city and theaters millions of dollars in lost income.

Bruce Cohen, a spokesman for the union, confirmed the agreement ending the 19-day work stoppage.

"We're glad there's a deal, and everyone should go back to work and the public should go see a Broadway show," Cohen said.

Most shows were expected to resume performances Thursday, the league said.

That's one down. Hopefully the WGA and the AMPTP will settle their differences - and in the favor of the writers! - soon.

But at least now my friend Michael can get back to work at "Mamma Mia" - if his back lets him, that is!

Toby OB

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the Cur family said...

Thank goodness it's over...

The shlop must go on!!!

Now what about my LOST? and Chuck? and Office? and Earl? and HEROES??