Monday, November 26, 2007


Big thanks go out to "RAF" for pointing out the existence of Heisler beer in Toobworld! A quick check at Wikipedia has this rundown of the TV series which have seen Heislers on store shelves, in bars, and in personal refrigerators:

'Bionic Woman'

'Burn Notice'
Sam Axe is frequently seen drinking a bottle of Heisler beer.

'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'
In the episode "Sounds of Silence" Heisler beer can be seen in a refrigerator at a crime scene.

'CSI: Miami'
In the episode "High Octane," Heisler beer bottles are collected from a crime scene and analyzed at the crime lab.

'Everybody Hates Chris'

'Ghost Whisperer'

In the episode "No Good Deed," Marlin Boulet and Charlie Pratt each drink a bottle of Heisler beer in a bar.

'My Name Is Earl'
Heisler beer is seen in many episodes and frequently consumed by characters.

'Prison Break'
In the episode "The Message," Charles "Haywire" Patoshik purchases Heisler beer for two teenagers.

'Star Trek: Enterprise'
In the episode "Carpenter Street," Heisler beer can be seen in a character's refrigerator.

'The Shield'

'Two and a Half Men'

'The Unit'

'Veronica Mars'
In the episode "Weevils Wobble But They Don't Go Down," Heisler beer is consumed by characters while at the beach.

Of these, 'The Unit', 'Bionic Woman', and 'Prison Break' all belong to alternate TV dimensions. ('The Unit' and 'Prison Break' because they have different Presidents than George W. Bush, and 'Bionic Woman' because the 1970s version has claimed territorial rights in Earth Prime-Time.)

So that just means that Heisler Beer is multi-dimensional!

The day we see some TV character kicking back with a can of Heisler in one hand and a Morley's cigarette in the other, there'll come a seismic merging in the TV Universe!

Toby OB

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