Monday, November 26, 2007


Several TV shows have had episodes set at comic book conventions across the country. (But as Comic-Con gains more influence and power,they'll probably be the focus of attention from now on, as they were for an episode of 'Entourage'.)

What's great about the use of a comic book convention as the location is that no matter what city is hosting, you can still make theoretical links to other TV shows. All you need are the fictional comic books that have appeared in other shows.

And you don't even need to see them. Take for example this latest episode of 'Numb3rs' - "Graphic" was focused mainly on two comic books, the ultra-rare "Ultra-World" and the currently popular "NanoPunk".

But there had to be at least a hundred dealers at that conventions, all with thousands of titles from a wide variety of publishers.

Here are a few titles we might assume were there:

From 'Psych':
Issues of classic "Red Phantom" and the more popular "Green Spirit" -the prices of which might be affected by the popularity of the movies based on them.

From 'Mad About You':"Mega Void #1 - Not only is it the premiere issue of the comic, but it also introduced the character of Talon, who was the evil bitch empress of the galaxy (supposedly based on the artist's ex-girlfriend).

From 'Dharma & Greg':
Another comic book based on the main character in a TV show - "Blonde Tornado"

From 'Heroes':
The late and lamented Isaac Mendez was working on "9th Wonders" when he was murdered. That should make his comics all the more valuable!

From 'Entourage':
Definitely an adults-only title - "Pussy Patrol". Check out the quote at the end of the post!

From 'The Adventures Of Ellery Queen':
I'm not sure if they would be in mint condition, but there might be issues of "Swamp Critters" and a comic based on Ellery Queen himself (both from the mid-1940s) published by Capricorn Comics.

From 'Once A Hero':
Pizazz Comics would be represented by their line of "Captain Justice"comic books, but I doubt the superhero who uses 'Captain Justice' as his role model would show up.

From 'Too Close For Comfort':
Evoking a more innocent age of readership, there would be a lot of old issues of "Cosmic Cow" in remainder bins.

From 'Bob!':
It would be great to have a panel of past stars of the Ace Comics line on a panel together! Not only Bob McKaye, creator of "Mad Dog", but others like Buzz Loudermilk, Jim Fleisher, Don Palermo, and Vic Victor. Each of them had their own niche in war comics, nurse/romance comics, supernatural thrillers, and fuzzy Fizzy tales.

And you could get Henry Rush and Abner Bemis on the panel as well! (Ross Moore as well, if he hasn't yet succumbed to his emphysema.)

But of course, it's too late for Isaac Mendez.......

My thanks to TV Acres (link to the left!) for most of the info about these comic books.

Toby OB


Anonymous said...

this is a strange coincident Toby, I have recently found another comic connection, the other day I noticed the Bear from My Name is Earl Heisler appeared on other shows and while doing a google search for it I came across this connection between Heroes and Everybody Hates Chris

by the way do you have any information of the mysterious magazine that was mentioned later in the post.

thanks and I hope you liked the cartoon crossover I told you about last time


Toby said...

Write to me at:

I have a frame grab of the Heisler poster from "My Name Is Earl" if you'd like it.

And thanks to alerting me about Heislers.... I'm going to write up a little something on it, giving you props naturally!

I'll have to track down frame grabs of "Cosmic Man" now.

And no idea on what that magazine may be....

Anonymous said...

Hey! Where's the quote?