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Bryce Larkin (or as 'Chuck' Bartowski referred to him in full: Bryce Larkin of Connecticut) was a spy with the CIA who was thought to have gone rogue. In reality, he was working for a group within the CIA who called themselves Fulcrum, but turned against them when he realized that their goals were for the destruction of the CIA.

Bryce may have been following in the genetic memory footsteps of an ancestor, Jeremy Larkin, who was a member of the Yankee Doodle Society during the Revolutionary War. Based in Chester, Pennsylvania, 'The Young Rebels' interfered with British military plans and served as spies for the American forces during the year 1777. Working with Jeremy was young inventor Henry Abingdon and former slave Isak Poole, as well as Jeremy's girl-friend Elizabeth Coates. (Pictured, from left: Henry, Isak, Jeremy)

The show was described as being "Daniel Boone" meets "The Mod Squad" with a bit of "Mission: Impossible".

Among the notables they met during their campaign were Lafayette and Nathan Hale (who was played by the late Brandon DeWilde). It may have been due to his fateful encounter with the young teacher/spy from Connecticut which led Jeremy Larkin to move to the Nutmeg State after the war ended. And generations later, his descendent Bryce Larkin would take up the family past-time of espionage.

'The Young Rebels'

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