Friday, November 30, 2007


The writers' strike is going to affect more than just the uninterrupted production of new TV shows. Its effect will be felt in the release of DVDs already scheduled as well.

Here's an example from

"Rumors had reached our ears that Sony was planning on a late February release of the upcoming CBS mini-series Comanche Moon: The Road to Lonesome Dove (starring Val Kilmer, Steve Zahn, Rachel Griffiths, Linda Cardellini, and Karl Urban), and that this would possibly be the only TV-DVD release from the studio during that month. However, plans to air this mini-series on CBS around the end of December and beginning of January were recently delayed, and now the six-hour mini-series won't be aired until at least a couple of weeks later than originally planned. That could, of course, delay the release of the DVDs for Comanche Moon.

Will it actually move the DVD release? We don't know, because that title's announce date hasn't arrived yet. So we'll hold off saying one way or the other; it's just an example of all the different sort of issues that could come up when a studio tries to figure out when product will get released."

My guess is that CBS pushed back the broadcast of the mini-series so that they'll have content for February Sweeps since the writers' strike may still be going on by then. Even if a deal is reached sooner, there may not be enough time to get all their projects underway.

So the Eye's way of thinking is that it's better to hold off on showing 'Comanche Moon' now and have it in reserve for Sweeps.

And they'll need all the help they can get.... The union's not going to roll over and play nice this time around. They got burned back in 1988 with the deal made; this time they have the "new media" working in their favor!

Just sayin', is all......

Toby OB

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