Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Just before Thanksgiving, Celine Dion traveled to Pine Valley to sing on Erica Kane's talk show, 'New Beginnings' (as seen on 'All My Children').

It's not known whether her televersion on Earth Prime-Time suffers from brittle bird bone syndrome as she does in Skitlandia, so it's unclear whether that was a factor in her visit.

But she did care enough about the visit to learn more about her host and so was able to commiserate with Erica about her family's recent problems.

This appearance links 'All My Children' to 'The Nanny', as Celine Dion appeared in the episode "Fran's Gotta Have It".

Over in the Tooniverse, the singer gave birth to Sally, the daughter of Terrance, a character on 'South Park'.

Toby OB

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