Friday, August 4, 2006


'Eureka', Oregon, may be a small town, but there still must be plenty of people working and living there so that we'll always have new faces to meet. (It can't ALWAYS be Henry Deacon who helps Sheriff Jack Carter out in emergencies, can it?)

With that in mind, I'd like to suggest one scientist I'd like to see as not only living in Eureka, but also working in Section 5 up in the Global Dynamics facility.

Jackson Roykirk.

Roykirk grew up in Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania, where he unknowingly encountered three Vulcans who had become stranded there. ('Enterprise' - "Carbon Creek")

When he grew up, he designed an interstellar probe that was originally programmed to seek out new life. The probe was launched in August of 2002.

Its name was "Nomad"..... ('Star Trek' - "The Changeling")

Roykirk doesn't have to figure in any major plot point; it would be nice just to have him introduced to Sheriff Carter, at the Cafe Diem, perhaps.

He should resemble the photo that was displayed of him in that episode of 'Star Trek'. Roykirk was portrayed by 'Star Trek' director Marc Daniels in that photo. So the actor chosen to play him on 'Eureka' must be burly and bearded as well.

And it's not as if Roykirk was going to be onscreen long enough to make that deep an impression; just a quick in and out, meet and greet would suffice. (Of course, with frame grabs and high def resolution, inevitably someone would have the comparison photos up online within minutes after the episode was broadcast!)

It's a simple request: get the minor character of Jackson Roykirk from 'Star Trek' to appear on 'Eureka' and thus make the connection between the two series.

Here's hoping somebody makes it so.....


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