Thursday, August 3, 2006


When it comes to the cutting edge of technology, I'm still a rather dull blade. For example, I'm a dinosaur when it comes to getting online; a "dialupagus". And I still use a VCR rather than TiVo or other DVR system.

So I've basically been sitting out the whole online 'Lost' experience, preferring just to read about the stuff that people find through the various web links and whatnot. At best, I have seen the Rachel Blake outburst at Comic-Con, thanks to

Perhaps it will all end up in a DVD boxed set, perhaps not.

But I was curious if any of my small coterie of email Lostaway friends (mostly Iddiots from the Idiot's Delight Digest group) were playing along.

So I asked them:

What are your feelings about all the little Lost extras popping up on the web, on your cell phone, in your bookstore? If you are a Lost fan, do youfind them as addicting as the show itself, or do you mostly just ignore them?

And Brian-El replied:

I take it you haven't been playing the game. So far, people are reallyannoyed because all we've found out is that McIntyre ("makes family values a priority") is having an affair, another dude didn't go to the school listed on his resume, contracts (like with Jeep) have been canceled due to some unknown event, and Hanso himself hasn't been seen in public for over four years.

But, of course, the game has just begun.

I started to do all the various stuff, looking for hints when I got stuck, etc. But it seemed to be yielding very little in terms of helpful show-connected information, so when I got busy with work & vacation planning, I stopped doing it. However, with this new link you provided--,5033.0.html

I may just try and catch up with it to see what's going on.

So a partial answer to your question is: clearly I don't find it as addicting as the show itself. And I'm upset that ABC has stopped showing reruns (are reruns of "George Lopez" really more lucrative??), 'cause now that I have TiVo, I had been taping all the episodes and was going to watch them in order (starting with the Season 1 DVD) a couple of weeks before the new season started. Now I'll have to wait for the Season 2 DVD to come out.

Brian L.

How about the rest of you? Anybody out there want to share their experiences with the online 'Lost' stuff?


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